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Welding education cameras provide a clear view of welding puddle. The live and captured video enables instructors to demonstrate technique and teach students how to read the weld puddle.

Manual welding skills are learned through demonstration and practice. Typically an instructor will demonstrate correct welding technique for a particular process to about 20 students, and then the students will practice the same task within welding booths. The instructor will make rounds of student booths and provide feedback so that students learn the necessary motor skills and judgment to make good welds.

During the instructor’s demonstration, it is difficult for more than a handful of students to visually observe details in the melt zone (e.g. arc shape, weld puddle behavior, wire placement) because of the hazards, dynamic movement and relatively small scale intrinsic to welding. Demonstrating each welding exercise to a small group of students is extremely demanding upon the instructor’s time and on consumable resources.

The MeltView APEX2 is our turnkey flexible welding education camera system that provides clear, in-focus, magnified views of the weld zone during both demonstration and student practice. These welding education cameras help instructors to more quickly and effectively teach their students show how to read the arc and weld puddles.

The MeltView APEX2 offers a high resolution image suitable for demonstrating and recording GMAW, FCAW, GTAW and SMAW processes. This small welding camera can be mounted flexibly to the torch, and the magnified image remains in-focus during the entire weld. It’s possible to show and record circumferential welds, 3G welds, long welds, and more.

A varifocal lens and magnet base mount are included in the APEX2 kit so that the camera can be mounted to the workbench if desired.

LUCI software allows the user to optimize the welding and non-welding images via preset modes or individual parameter adjustments. LUCI makes it easy to record and annotate video files. Other software features include digital zoom, timestamp, frame-by-frame playback, and adjustable crosshair overlay.

The MeltView PACT is a lower-cost solution for visualizing manual welding. The standard resolution image is suitable for demonstrating GMAW, FCAW and GTAW.


Teach welders faster
Enhance student understanding
Increase qualification testing success
Reduce training costs
Create video libraries for e-learning resources
Document student progress and results

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