From hassle-free monitoring cameras to precision high-speed instruments, MeltView welding cameras are designed to improve the productivity, quality, and safety of your welding operations.

The right welding camera makes it possible to:

  • Monitor and guide automated welding
  • Visualize welding defects
  • Share welding techniques
  • Optimize the welding process
  • Troubleshoot problematic welds

Our original range of ruggedized, high dynamic range welding cameras provides excellent image quality, value and longevity for monitoring applications. Our second generation welding cameras build on this solid foundation with greater resolution, in-built recording and advanced software features.

Each MeltView camera is designed, built, and tested at our facility in Michigan and supported by our committed staff. We proudly employ our welding expertise to ensure that our customers receive a solution that works.


Industrial cameras for monitoring and tracking automated and mechanized welding processes [SEE PRODUCTS]


Cameras and sensors for research, developing and troubleshooting welding processes [SEE PRODUCTS]


Cameras for demonstrating and teaching welding processes [SEE PRODUCTS]


A full range of accessories to facilitate integration of MeltView cameras into your welding process [SEE PRODUCTS]

Comparison of MeltView Welding Cameras

features dart mira pact apex2 mira2 sync
High resolution
High temperature
Spatter and dust protection
Integrated lighting
Integrated recording, cross-hairs & image processing
Auto switching (welding and non-welding)
Advanced attenuation levels
Direct to monitor
Software and computer included
Close-up view of welding puddle
Frame-by-frame capture