MeltView PACT

Teaching with vision


Product highlights

  • Small size
  • Lightweight flexible mount for wide range of views
  • Integrated lighting
  • Automatic switching between arc-on and arc-off modes
  • Close working distances
  • Accessories for recording
Product Description

The MeltView PACT is a low-cost welding camera for welding demonstration and set-up. These welding applications benefit from small camera size and don’t require advanced ruggedization due to intermittent use.

The PACT is easily used for manual welding demonstrations on-site. The magnified view allows welders to learn how to read the arc and weld puddle for GMAW, FCAW and GTAW more clearly, thus improving qualification testing success and reducing training costs.

The PACT may also be used for set-up of robotic welding cells to identify sequencing and positioning errors. The real-time image makes it possible to develop robot programs faster and enhance customer and trainee understanding.

Temperature rating 0°C – 50°C (no cooling)
Duty Cycle 20%
Illumination Integrated LED
Power 12V DC
Power consumption 4W (Max.)
Video output signal PAL/NTSC
Weight 180g






Ready to get started ?

Ready to get started ?