MeltView APEX2

Welding education, made clear


Product highlights

  • High resolution, high quality image
  • Turn-key solution for visualizing, recording and annotating welding demonstration
  • Flexible tool allows mounting to GTAW and GMAW torches and bench top mounting
  • Integrated protection from spatter and HF
  • Complete accessory kit included in convenient case
  • LUCI software to optimize, capture, display and analyze video
Product Description

The MeltView APEX2 is a one-of-a-kind educational tool for safe and effective demonstration of arc welding. This small welding camera can be mounted flexibly to the torch, and the magnified image remains in-focus during the entire weld. It’s possible to show and record circumferential welds, 3G welds, long welds, and more. A varifocal lens and magnet base mount are included in the APEX2 kit so that the camera can be mounted to the work bench if desired.

LUCI software allows the user to optimize the welding and non-welding images via preset modes or individual parameter adjustments. LUCI makes it easy to record and annotate video files. Other software features include digital zoom, timestamp, frame-by-frame playback, and adjustable crosshair overlay.

Temperature rating 0°C – 50°C
Illumination External LED (as req.)
Resolution 1280×1080
Camera interface USB3.0
Weight 160g







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