how to purchase

If you have a welding vision need, please contact us for a consultation. Once we identify your needs, we will recommend effective solutions and help you to understand the pros and cons of different solutions. If an application falls outside of our current range, we will develop a customized solution or recommend an alternative supplier. As designers and manufacturers of welding cameras, we know the welding camera market intimately and will give you honest information that you can use to select the best system for your application. For most customers located in the US, we offer a 2 week trial of a system configured to your application.

manuals and technical support

Comprehensive product manuals that streamline the integration of our products with your equipment are included with every purchase. Technical support is also available by phone (+1 269 978 0968 8am-5pm EST) or by emailing your request to


We provide a one year warranty on the equipment we manufacture. For accessories that we re-sell, we transfer the manufacturer’s warranty.


We supply welding equipment manufacturers with customized camera systems. We offer attractive wholesale pricing and low minimum order quantities for custom-branded products. Contact us to find out more.