Industrial welding cameras are typically used as a vision aid for monitoring and controlling welding processes. Real-time viewing can be successfully carried out with a robust system consisting of a camera and a monitor. These systems are easy to use, hard to break, and cost-effective.

For advanced monitoring, we offer software-based camera systems with analytical features and recording at the touch of a finger. In all cases, our range of MeltView welding cameras provides many options in terms of camera size, protection, and imaging dimensions. We will help you select the right camera system for your welding application.


A ruggedized and time-tested welding camera, the MeltView DART provides a clear image of GMAW, GTAW, FCAW and PAW processes, including pulsed processes.



A wide range of lens options makes the MeltView MIRA a simple solution for visualizing a variety of welding applications.



A smaller version of the MeltView DART camera, the MeltView PACT is suitable for manual welding and robotic welding when cooling isn’t required.



The MeltView MIRA2 offers high-definition video in a compact, customizable camera with our powerful LUCI software interface.



Because welding is a dynamic process that occurs at speeds far greater than the human eye can perceive, we offer the MeltView SYNC for continuous recording at speeds up to 1200 frames per second.



A global view monitoring camera for robot cells, with integrated zoom lens, the BOTWatch camera may be used alone or in conjunction with MeltView welding cameras.